Do you have an astronomy/space event you would like to add to this calendar?
Some rules for inclusion:

  1. Events must be open to the public. They don't have to be free. Do not list private events!
  2. List only events hosted/sponsored by your organization. While it might be nice to include astronomy history in your club's calendar, the version you share should only have the public events!! We have already imported some other relevant calendars (like moon phases) so no need to repeat!!

If you represent an astronomy/space club/organization with regular and/or special events, you should follow these instructions:

  1. Create a Google account.
  2. Sign in, go to "My Account, Calendar."
  3. You should see a Google calendar. Over on the left, will be a list of your calendars. To start with, you should just have the one with your user id. Consider that your personal one!
  4. Under "My Calendars", click on Create.
  5. Give your new calendar a name (as in My Club's Public Events!), brief description, location...
  6. IMPORTANT: Make this calendar public! (one of the calendar options!)
  7. Share this calendar with IYA2009 [at] astronomyindc [dot] org.
  8. Click Create Calendar... This will then take you back to a view of the calendar and you will now see this new one in your list of calendars. You can now add events to your calendar.
  9. (If you are an astronomy club and have other private programs, you can create a second calendar with those private programs (which should still be "public" for sharing purposes). Then in order to export or embed into your own website, you would select your public and private calendars...)
  10. Select a date and add your program. Be sure to add it to the correct calendar!! (not your personal or private program one!!)
  11. Try to provide as much detail as possible in the event description. Include links to a website for directions.
  12. You can add repeating events (like club meetings), multiple events (observing sessions), 1-time events... So long as it is open to the public!!

If you have a 1-time only event, you should email events [at] astronomyindc [dot] org with all of the details of the event -- who, what, where, when, costs, brief description, URL for more info/directions!!